About the future Pescadito Environmental Resource Center (PERC) Facility

The family of the Honorable Carlos Y. Benavides Jr. has owned the Yugo Ranch for many generations. The property is located approximately 20 miles east of Laredo midway between US 59 and SH 359. The site will encompass 953 acres of which approximately 72 acres will be used as a landfill facility, and will accommodate a capacity of approximately 14.31 million cubic yards of materials.

The facility consists of a site entrance with security fencing, a gatehouse, scales, an all-weather entrance road to the site, all-weather access roads, soil stockpiles, landfill gas monitoring and collection system, leachate collection system, groundwater monitoring system, liquid waste solidification units, recyclable materials recovery area, large items and white goods storage area, tire storage area, and citizens’ convenience center, and the solid waste disposal area.

Who We Are

Ideal Location

PERC’s future site is located in a remote area of Webb County 20 miles from Laredo. Over six years of thorough review proved the soil is comprised mostly of clay and claystone that prevent the vertical migration of water. In addition, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has reviewed and approved the plan which removes the site from the 100-year floodplain.

Recycle, Reuse, Reimagine…

Waste disposal is a fact of life that requires proper planning to accommodate the future needs of the community. Rancho Viejo Waste Management, LLC (RVWM) needs your support to help PERC provide innovative solutions for Laredo and the South Texas region through a state-of-the-art waste management and recycling facility.

Regional Wildlife Preservation

PERC’s goal is to construct an environmental resource center that will be used as a national model. The land’s historic use includes wildlife management and cattle ranching. We hope to continue this tradition in the years to come, while also integrating partnerships with the local environmental community to aid with the preservation of regional wildlife and to offer educational and recreational opportunities for the community to enjoy.

In the News

Rio Bravo Sanitation Services to End Tomorrow

Sanitation services end leaving some Webb County residents without an answer. Webb County needs options to prevent the situation in Rio Bravo from happening anywhere else!

Audit Finds Many Issues

“Incomplete documentation, underreported revenue and other discrepancies were found during an audit of a company that the City of Laredo contracts for recycling services.”

A Landfill Where the Wildebeest Roams

“The privately owned landfill is now Creedmoor’s largest taxpayer, largest employer, and purportedly best industrial neighbor.”

State Issues Preliminary Permit for New Landfill in Webb County

“The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality issued a draft permit on March 16 for Pescadito Environmental Resource Center, a proposed landfill in Webb County.“